Practical solutions that produce results in times of uncertainty

Implement unique and impactful facilitated virtual and presential events that generate results!

In the Old Reality, we would have been bringing teams together in workshops and other events to reflect, to brainstorm, to discuss and to come up with great solutions.But we have transitioned into a New Reality.

What worked only a few months ago seems unreasonable today.

With social distancing and travel conditioned, it is not surprising that the initial reaction for most executives was to postpone or cancel team gatherings and meetings.

But business goes on…

Leaders look for new ways to inspire their people, and teams are called on to perform better than ever in very unusual circunstances.

We use our collective intelligence and spirit to build this New Reality and create renewed ways for our tribes to flourish.

Just moving events online isn’t the answer...

We need to explore new possibilities and create new opportunities to come together and build as teams...

The New Reality will continue to create limitations. We need to reframe how we organiza events that

· connect us with our clients to explore new opportunities

· build teams that unite hearts and mids around a common purpose

· jointly produce results that grow our business

It’s time to get practical!

A more intense and immersive use of the virtual mode for team meetings and events is a natural response to the New Reality. It’s an opportunity that can’t be missed!

Virtual teams are practical and economical. They can be organized quickly, designed to be highly productive and deployed swiftly.

Presential events have now an opportunity to re-invent themselves into fully immersive experiences that make it truly worthwhile coming together.

We also incorporate the New Reality into presential events to transform their "look and feel" and make the experience memorable!


Unique virtual events that connect you with your clients, build your tribes and create solutions.

Co-creating Roadmaps and Minemaps with you.

A virtual event is a unique opportunity to generate a powerful and implementable RoadMap (where are we going) and MineMap (how will we get there in the best possible way) that will generate results.


We use five elements to describe our approach.

1 – Co-creation

Because no one knows your company and its historical, social and economic context better than you.

2 – Collaboration

Because we believe that you and your team together must own the event, for it to yield true results that permeate throughout your business ecosystem.

3 – Disruption/Construction

Because we believe that our job also is to push the boundaries of the known, the boundaries of the comfort zone, the boundaries of the acceptable, into the unknown, the uncomfortable and the challenging.

4 – Agility

Because we live in a fast world where we need to achieve sustainable results quickly.

5 – Value focus

Because it is key to measure and demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative impact of any organisational intervention.

Who is it for –

Any team and any situation in the business where you want to get quick results and high levels of commitment and engagement.

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How we ensure you get what you expect from your virtual event.

Our three-step model for virtual events and meetings

We work with the end in mind and clearly agree with you the purpose of the virtual event.

Co-creating the event -Designing the Experience

We ensure that, together, we co-create a rigorously designed virtual event in which truly candid strategic discussions arise. But, as importantly, we plan to ensure that the underlying group dynamics and other important interactions and objectives are also taken care of.

Facilitating the event – Getting past the politics

Senior executives and tribe members, regardless of their experience and professionalism, are influenced not only by rational data but also by underlying political and emotional factors.

We help you achieve your results by ensuring that you will have a clear RoadMap and MineMap with objectives, activities, owners and timings to be implemented following the session.

Following through beyond the event -The walk away

We set up a collaborative process to ensure everyone gets the buy-in and responsibility, to implement action plans and strengthen the tribe going forward.

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